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Our Favorite Anti-Development Sites

Something like our sixth in a continuing series of our non-biased reviews of anti-development web sites which dot the Southern California internets. This week... SAVE TOLUCA LAKE.

As explained so concisely by the fine reporters at the Daily News, the people of are in opposition to attempts by one property owner to build a mixed-use development in their "small-town" community. Leading the charge is Roy Disney, the nephew of Walt Disney. Roy has managed to get a house on the proposed development site declared a historic monument by the City's Cultural Heritage Commission. Neighboring homeowners are opposed to the project because it threatens to bring more traffic to their neighborhood. Sweet Mary, if someone throws a horse into the mix we're poking our eyes out.

What is it About: Traffic and property values. Plus letting in density sets a dangerous precedent for the whole community. Overflow parking will go onto the streets. Hordes of zombie like shoppers will walk the peaceful streets of Toluca Lake stealing babies and driving property values down.
Buzzwords: "quality of life", "chronic congestion", "overbuilding"
Last Update: No date provided. Early February?
Site Design: A one page bulletin, without pics and minimal linkage. The site appears to be thrown together at the last minute and is entirely too shrill to be taken seriously. If a four story building with 8 apartment/condo units is going to cause the breakdown of society in Toluca Lake, they have bigger problems. Much, much bigger problems. An explanation utilizing factual data may make this site more effective. A helpful reminder at the bottom of the page encourages you to voice your concerns to Councilman Tom Labonge but no contact info is provided to get more information or to speak with an organizer. That's not good.
Our Judgement (on the scale of 1 to 5 NIMBYs, 5 being the best): 1.25 NIMBYs