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Threat of Real Estate Career Inspires Tatum To Act Again

What do you do if you're the youngest person to ever win an Oscar, have a history of heroin and cocaine addiction, marry and divorce a dicktennis star, and maybe have some daddy issues? Why, you consider a career in real estate, of course:

[Tatum] O'Neal, whose newest movie, "My Brother," opened Friday, considered going into real estate. "It was getting scary for me," she said. "So I had this thought: I'll become a real estate agent. It was the only thing I thought I could do, since I'd bought and sold some properties."

And her manager didn't exactly discourage it. But the specter of leaving behind the glamour and excitement of Dancing with the Stars and facing the drudgery of showing LA matrons another McMansion inspired her to turn things around. After all, Tatum knows all about hitting rock bottom. And nothing feels lower than real estate.
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