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Curbed LA PriceSpotter Big Reveal

Sorry for the delay for posting the price for the last PriceSpotter. In our tequila-induced stupor in Mexico, we forgot all about it. We love you, and we would never hurt you again. Anyway, just to remind you, we asked you to guess on the asking price for this 2BR, 2BA detached condo/artist loft in Venice.

Asking Price: $2,399,000
Listing: 1718 Abbot Kinney [Zip Realty]

We were definitely surprised when we looked at the price of this one, and apparently most of you all were too. That’s some fat coin, even if the place is on Abbot Kinney. Joey jo jo guessed it correctly, but most guessed too low. Seller delusion, anyone? We’re guessing that the realtor has her work cut out for her at this price.

Thanks for playing and thanks for waiting. See you next time.

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