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CA Boom 4: We'll Try To Liveblog It

We're gearing up again for the CA Boom Design Show in Santa Monica. Several of us will be attending the event and we may try to liveblog it, although last year that didn't work out quite so well. But we have high hopes!

CA Boom is offering up a Special Discounted package for people who are in the design blog community. That means you, if you're reading this. If you're looking for a deal, this appears to be the place to go: There's also some sort of blogger reception on Thursday night, where you get to touch your favorite blogging personality. Careful boys, co-editor Marissa is a frisky single. The Blogger Thursday event is canceled. However, Friday appears to have some other shindig.

"For three days, March 29-April 1, the CA BOOM Design Show hosts cutting-edge exhibits from independent designers, architects and manufacturers, tours of recently completed projects by accomplished local architects, panel discussions featuring design community mavericks and a rocking Friday Evening Event."

We highly recommend the house tours in Venice, Santa Monica and Mar Vista if only to poke fun at the wall mounted flat-panel TVs with a tangle of wires hanging out the bottom. Classy.

See you there.