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How Much Is That MCM In The Window?

We were just too darn busy to post about this yesterday, but the New York Times is currently reporting on new LACMA director, Michael Govan's, plan for buying up as much mid-century modern architecture in LA as he can get his grubby little hands on. His first purchase is a Century City John Lautner-designed office interior, that will be exhibited...oh wait, it won't. It will be Govan's own office in the May Company building. Sneaky bastard. So Govan plans to use that fat BP donation and other funds to buy up as much Neutra, Schindler, Koenig and Eames as he can, despite the fact the museum doesn't have an a permanent architecture or design collection. Although the New York Times does concede that LACMA hasn't ignored LA's architectural history. After all, it once sponsored a house tour. Back in 1987. Govan has also set his sights on Gehry's Santa Monica house, where he will likely have to compete against the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Govan is keeping the rest of his MCM wish list a secret, for fear of setting off a bidding war.

We're just happy to see Schindler get so much press in one little article. That's twice this week. A profile of Cameron Silver, proprietor of vintage couture shops Decades and Decades Two on Melrose has an astonishingly long profile in this week's New Yorker (sadly not available online). Where does Cameron live? In perhaps one of the most well done Schindler renovations in LA (pictured above and below). We would hate him if he wasn't so unfailingly nice.
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