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On the Market: Affordable in San Pedro

In lieu of a PriceSpotter this week (due to Cary's drunken Spring Break adventure in Mexico), we're presenting a home that has caught our eye in San Pedro. Yes, really. In San Pedro. This charming one-bed, one-bath home is perfect for a single person or a young childless couple who really like being in each other's faces all the time. Located only three blocks from the harbor, the realtor boasts "Easy walking distance to Ports O'Call Village, historic old San Pedro, Art District, Fisherman's Wharf, restaurants....." It also has a patio and garden. Sweet.
What/Where: Single Family Home, San Pedro
Sq. Footage: 559 SF on a 1,263 SF lot
Retail Price: $399,000
· 316 W 16TH ST, SAN PEDRO, CA 90731 []