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U-Haul Victory: The Morning After

Woo-hee! What a big night. We were out till the wee hours celebrating LA's victory in the U-Haul Competition. Dim memories of Jagerbombs at the bar, streaking down Broadway, and wrapping our dog in packing tape. Anyway, after some hot coffee and an Emergen-C packet this morning, we called up Joanne Fried, head of PR at U-Haul. The conversation follows:

Curbed: "Hi, so what did Los Angeles win? Does the city get a plaque from U-Haul?'
Fried: "We should have done that. I like that idea. But who would we give the plaque to? The Governor?
Curbed: "No, you should give it to Curbed."
Fried: "There you go!"

Good-natured Fried also told us that the contest only involved one-way destinations and only included families or individuals traveling 50 miles or more. Nice job, everyone. Till next year!
· Los Angeles Sweeps U-Haul Competition[Curbed LA]