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Laguna's Hangover House

Ted Wells living: simple podcasting finally makes a return after being on hiatus for several months. This week, Ted takes a look at Laguna's Halliburton House, also known as the Hangover House. Built in 1938 on a Laguna Beach hilltop by architect William Alexander Levy, the home utilized concrete in a way few had done before, creating what Ted describes as "one of the best modern houses in the United States" that few have seen or even know about. The house also served as an inspiration for the Heller house in Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. Levy died in 1997 in WeHo, but his modernist legacy, while small, lives on in this house. Oh yeah, he also had a gay lover named Mooney, the ghostwriter for world-traveling Richard Halliburton, one of the most famous adventurers of the 30s. Good stuff.
· Hangover House: An Obscure Modern Masterpiece [Ted Wells living: simple]