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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: March Madness

Hello and thank you for your answers and comments and continued bickering about Downtown LA. We appreciate the discussion. Email us for next week at and we'll post your question.

[image of City Club on Bunker Hill]

1) Venice: The Whole Foods still appears to be going into Rose and Lincoln. Via the Venice Neighborhood Council web site's forum, a commenter says: "Appaarently Whole Foods will be moving to the Big Lots, CVS, 99 Cents location at Rose and Lincoln next year. The 99 Cent store is a major resource for the lower income and homeless people in Venice. It is always packed with these people who are dependant on its extremely low prices. Somehow we need to address this issue. Can 99 cents stay, or move to another near-by location? Can we get Whole foods to have a super-discount or day-old corner or room? How are these poor people going to have there essential needs met? Can GRVNC somehow get involved in this?" This is from March 2nd of this year.

2) WEHO: The northeast corner of Sunset and San Vicente appears to be under development with approximately 9,995 sq.ft. of retail. No potential tenants listed anywhere that we can find. It was previously a Shell station which required some clean-up.

3) Los Angeles: Quelle surprise! Nobody can answer where our poor reader can climb to the sky and get an overhead view of the Los Angeles environs. Hiking Runyon Canyon always works for us. If you're lucky enough to go to the Private Club at the Wells Fargo building (which we have), commenter Dr. B says: "City Club, 54th floor of the Wells Fargo Tower in Dtwn. Private club with an amazing view, even from the bathrooms."

4) West LA: The gas station is now open. Get your aluminum spider gas fix. However, commenter don hosek says the spider is overrated.

5) Venice: Last we heard the Abbot-Kinney peeps had gone apoplectic over Pinkberry coming in to their village of boutiques. See Venice Unchained. Doubt they'll let another chain store sneak in.

6) Downtown: There's a glut! There isn't a glut! Judge for yourself. From commenter spinsLPs:

"NW corner of 8th & Spring - 257 condos / 10 commercial condos
NE corner of 8th & Hill - 92 condos
NE corner of 7th & Broadway - 68 condos
NE corner of 8th & Spring - 72 condos
SE corner of 8th & Spring - 93 condos

NE corner of 9th & Hill - 167 condos" That's 750 new units total in the works for the neighborhood in question. 7) Hollywood: We updated soon after posting, in regards to the Broadway Hollywood. "We're told by a publicist for KOR that the range was $535k-1.95M and the building is sold out."