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We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Programming

[Photograph: From Christian Volckman's film, Renaissance]

Our strict editorial policy (and by strict, we mean completely lax) prohibits us from posting about events but there are a couple of upcoming ones that are just too good not to mention. Tomorrow is our favorite Project Runway cum Hipster Artists cum Deconstructed Hems event, the Gen Art show that kicks of LA Fashion Week. There's sure to be some serious fug. Additionally, the LA Conservancy is hosting its Saving LA Conference at the Los Angeles Theater downtown on Sunday, March 18th from 10am - 4pm. Details can be found here. Last, a reader alerts us to M&A's and BLDGBLOG's first-ever architectural film festival as part of the larger Silverlake Film Festival in May. Amateur Youtubers, pay heed! Submissions are due by April 6th and should be 1-10 minutes long. So no Fountainheads, ok?

Publicists, this is not an invitation to flood us with event listings. However, we do accept bribes, preferably in large amounts of unmarked, single dollar denominations. Josh likes to use those singles at his favorite local strip club.