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El Segundo Trading Stacks for Resort

The smelly beach side community of El Segundo may be losing one of its most famous landmarks. The City's power plant stacks may be coming down to make way for a new resort development along the beach. Last week, the ES City Council voted 3-1 to begin the process of a rezone of the power plant land for commercial uses. City staffers believe the 33-acre site may present opportunities to attract revenue from tourists to a new hotel/resort destination. The Daily Breeze notes that a hotel resort in El Segundo could result in $3 million annually in bed taxes. If built, it would be the only beach resort operating between Santa Monica and Huntington Beach. It would also likely be the smelliest. Now if they could only get rid of that Chevron refinery and wastewater treatment plant. Oh, and the noise from the airport, too. What a great place to vacation.
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