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Meet Dennis Block. Actually, Don't.

Today the LA Times introduces us to lawyer Dennis Block, " a man who has evicted more tenants than any other human being on the planet Earth." Sure, landlords gotta get their money, but Blocks' boast that "evicting people is his patriotic duty" is just one example (and there are many) of why the guy comes across as quite repellent in the Times story. Sadly, Block probably loves this newspaper piece and is showing to his tennis buddies right now.

Also, last summer the Santa Barbara Independent provided insight into Block's practice by highlighting the plight of 50 Isla Vista families kicked out of the Cedarwood Apartments. May none of us ever meet Mr. Block, either professionally or personally.
· He shows renters the door[LA Times]
· 55 Isla Vista Families Served With Eviction Papers [Santa Barbara Independent]