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Ruby Gets to Retire. No More Working for Peanuts. Ha!

While we dish out our daily dose of vitriol and bitterness towards developers, brokers, urban planners, architects, politicians, celebrities, NIMBYs, and equestrians, there is a miniscule, blink-and-you-miss-it corner of our tar-darkened hearts reserved for the animals of LA. First, we were pleased to learn even monkeys need to balance their chi. And coyotes have made their way towards the Grove. And is anyone really that surprised to see David Lynch and his cattle chilling on Hollywood Blvd? We didn't think so.

So in the spirit of covering all the cute LA-based mammals we bring you word that Ruby the elephant is finally cashing in her 401k and retiring to greener pastures. The LA Zoo, flush with $300,000 donated by serial sexual harasser animal rights activist Bob Barker, is sending Ruby to a sanctuary near Sacramento. Apparently Ruby became depressed after the death of her longtime companion Gita, a 48-year-old female Asian elephant, last June. Now thanks to Bob's largesse Ruby will live out her final days with "75 acres of rolling hills, plus a lake and mud holes." Now the Los Angeles Alliance for Elephants (we're not making that up, the organization actually exists) is focusing its efforts on freeing Billy, the last remaining elephant at the LA Zoo.
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