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Rumblings & Bumblings: Spring Green

Excellent questions again this week, with two coming from Venice. Nice. Please email your answers, comments, or updates to us at and we'll probably post Thursday.

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1) Venice: If we had a blog about stores, which we don't, this would be a great question to feature on said fictional site. "Anyone have an update where Whole Foods may be and when? They used to have the cross streets of Rose and Lincoln on their website, now it's just Venice."

2) WEHO: And if we had a blog about development, which we do, this would fit perfectly. "You guys receive any info on what's going on with the lot on the NE corner of Sunset and San Vicente (across from Whiskey). Looks like some clearing going on in earnest over there, but nothing tangible posted."

3) Los Angeles: This is the kind of question that must make the LA City Nerd get all wet. "What's the tallest publicly accessible site in a building in LA County? The 27th Fl of City hall is pretty good. Windows in Transamerica is up on 32. The BonaVista lounge is on the 35th of the Bonaventure. Can I get higher? I'm not counting Griffith Observatory, or other land elevated structures. I'm talking about stories. Take me to the top!"

4) West LA: We care about the environment too, but you don't see us building giant aluminum spiders. "Is the new BP gas station on Robertson/Olympic open? I drove by it one morning, and it was surround by a picket fence (?), had a few security guards milling about, and had a sign that said something about tours. Then in the afternoon, I saw one car actually in the gas station itself. Can I now start saving the environment by refueling my 6-door Hummer at the BP gas station?"

5) Venice: The Pinkenberry monster sneaks into Venice. More to come? "hey there is a pinkberry going in on abbott kinney and california - do you know if this is the beginning of the end? Are more chains scheduled to come in? I bet meters are right around the corner."

6) Downtown: We're losing track of all the buildings downtown. So much going on. "I'm checking our Downtown's housing tour this weekend, and I'm particularly curious about the Chapman Flats at 8th & Broadway. Specifically, what development projects are in the works AROUND the Chapman Flats. Is anything happening with the Merritt Building? Globe? Tower?"

7) Hollywood: We almost forgot this one. "hey - do you know how much the KOR lofts are going for in the broadway building conversion on hollywood and vine?" Update, Ed: We're told by a publicist for KOR that the range was $535k-1.95M and the building is sold out.

Answers by email or in the comments are appreciated by all parties involved.