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Breaking! LA Is Creative. Frank Gehry Says So.

We already know that LA is a pretty creative city, arguably rivalling cities like New York and London. Now, in the guise of public diplomacy, the rest of the world will know LA is a creative city as well. The Voice of America recently broadcast a piece on LA as a hotbed of technological and artistic innovation, complete with a tale of a scrappy young immigrant with big dreams. And who is this foreigner who has come to represent the archetypal American Dream, writ large in Los Angeles? Why none other than Ephraim Owen Goldberg Frank Gehry, whose dreams of titanium-clad, undulating structures was welcomed and nurtured in our metropolis. Yes, Frank is now our official poster child for Los Angeles Creative Opportunities for Poor Immigrants? for the 24 other countries listening to the VOA.
· Los Angeles Highlights Role as Creative Center [Voice of America]