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Cypress Barking Dog Law Proposed

The Cypress law would require an animal care officer to visit the dog owner's home, while the owner would face a $250 fine if nothing is done within 10 days.

Perhaps L.A. can learn a thing or two? Getting an official hearing before L.A. Animal Services can take four months from the initial complaint, and the appeal process can take up to a year, says Phyllis Daugherty, director of the Los Angeles Animal Issues Movement in a recent editorial in the LA Daily News. Hearings often degenerate into discussions of whether the dog is being walked, etc, leading Daugherty to conclude "that barking-dog issues are really neighbor disputes and the animals are not a problem."

As for all the reasons why dogs bark: being chained up, inadequate food/water, and the always heart-tugging loneliness, she says. Cheap Pinot Noir and late-night television helps us, dogs!
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