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Kesling House in Hollywood

A William Kesling house on the market has caught our eye. And you know what that means. Obsessive, some might say, abusive Googling to see what William Kesling is all about. Kesling, as we learn, was a Depression-era modernist architect, who had a brief moment of LA architectural fame along with his contemporaries, Neutra and Schindler. It should be noted that Kesling's moment of glory was cut short when he was sent to prison in 1937 for fraud. Pffft, architects. Via

William Kesling was as good at architecture (despite a lack of formal training) as he was bad at business. In the middle of the Depression, he popularized moderne-style houses, but his career in LA was destroyed by a vindictive client. He re-established himself in La Jolla as a builder of rational, low cost housing. Kesling's Rivero Residence above Sunset is now on the market - sort of. Actually, the seller is looking for a backup offer. The 3 bed, 2 bath streamline moderne home features a courtyard, dual circular fountain and boasts that it is "quite possibly the best preserved/restored 1930’s Kesling design extant." Nifty. Retail Price: $1,795,000
· 1347 MILLER DR, LOS ANGELES, CA 90069 [theMLS]