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The Hollywood's Cement Pond Changes Colors

The Hollywood condo project on Yucca remains a work in progress (completion date is May), but things seem to be progressing nicely. California Construction takes a look at The Hollywood and the developers behind it. It's getting harder and harder to distinguish one condo project from another, so the kids at The Hollywood have gone the extra step to be declared minimalist, while outfitting the project with all sorts of electro-amenities.

The "wow-factor" comes from the ultra-fancy pool, now with burn-out resistant lighting.

At the center of the development is a completely enclosed courtyard dominated by a rectangular pool and spa. The pool itself represents something of a technological step forward: It's the first in L.A. County to feature a fiber-optic bottom that reflects light from a source above. "This way, we never have to empty the water to replace bulbs," says Talbert. "So, not only does it conserve water, but it's very cost-effective. The lights also change colors, and changes very smoothly."

So what will a unit in a minimalist development with a fancy swimming pool cost you? $800k to 1.2 million, naturally. Less the cost of replacement pool light bulbs.
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