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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Dead Trees Aren't Much Fun

We're again happy to report that we've almost answered all of your questions this week. If you have more questions, updates, or answers for next week please email us at and we'll post your query.

[image via buzznet user jutotheli]

1) Hollywood Hills: Everyone agrees that lazy people dispose of their Christmas trees improperly. A tax and public flogging are some of the suggestions offered to cure this seasonal blight. However, we had two dead trees dumped on our street in the spot normally reserved for dumping of couches and broken furniture, so it actually enhanced our neighborhood.

2) Los Angeles: So you want a nice loft for $600,000, heh? Commenter Melissa is from New York, and you know how fussy those people are. But she loves her new condo. "Answer to #2 I just bought at the Rob Clark on 3rd off of Robertson. I got a great two bedroom. Young vibe, great area (I moved from NY so I like being able to walk) and beautiful finishes and most units are below $700,000." 105 units, condo-converted (thanks LL)

3) Hollywood: We drove by Fountain and Western and can confirm the pipes, fencing and other construction-y looking items. We've been trying to research the site using ZIMAS and Navigate LA, but Nav LA is completely user unfriendly for Macs and Firefox. We can't believe our tax dollars go to support such a cheap piece of Microsoft hackery. Do we have an answer, no. Yet again, no help from the comments.

4) West Hollywood: Interestingly enough, we know people from both Casden and WeHo and neither has bothered to email us about the Movie Town project. Guess who's off this year's Christmas card list?

5) Hollywood: Commenters uwannaknow and Dan tag team q # 5 about the building just south of Selma, on the east side of Cahuenga. It is apparently a recording studio . "Grand Master Studio. The Foo Fighter's _The_Color_and_the_Shape_ was done there, amongst many others. The drums to "My Hero" were recorded in the garage attached to the back of the building."

Thanks for the feedback.