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Curbed LA's Ugliest Building Contest

Union Station. Hollywood Bowl. Chateau Marmont. All stunning structures. Yes, Los Angeles is so beautiful that sometimes we are moved to tears. But other times, we cry because this city is so very ugly. And Momma always said pretty doesn't last, so in the spirit of ugly, Curbed LA is holding its first-ever Ugliest Building Contest.

The rules are simple. The structure must be located in Los Angeles and be at least two stories. Commercial, residential or civic. Excluded are single-family homes (so no pics of your neighbor's McMansion).

To enter, email us one of the following: 1. a picture. 2. web link. 3. Local Live Link. Just get us a damn pic, basically. Also, please provide address of the building and a line or two about why the structure is offensive.

Entries must be received by March 31, 2007. A panel of judges will select the winner and runner-ups. The winner, announced at the end of the month, will receive a free dinner for four at Shakey's Pizza AND prominent mention on Curbed LA. Get your ugly on, Curbed readers. And good luck.