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Battle of Burbank: Delayed for Two Weeks

A meeting on Tuesday night to discuss the Burbank Whole Foods resolved little, it appears. The Daily News reports that opponents of the horse killing Whole Foods and proponents of good eats remain firm in their stands. In the middle are the poor politicians forced to make a decision. Bet they never expected that when they signed up for the job.

More than 100 speakers took to the podium. Most opponents, while in favor of a Whole Foods Market in the city, say the size of the store is too big for the 76,000-square-foot site.

Backers wore the familiar green Whole Foods Market logo, while opponents wore buttons with the number 4854 - the number of car trips the store could add to the area - and a red slash crossing it out. The City Council now must make a decision by February 20th as to the future of the site. Whole Foods is refusing to bend to the will of the horse people, and the horse people want more than courtesy lanes on the roadway. Will Whole Foods prevail? Will the horses have their day? Will wine tasting shoppers plow into innocent school children (see comment 7)? We can't wait to see the outcome of this retarded disaster.
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