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Dicks Street Remaining Firm

[Photo Credit: Ryan Gierach/WeHo News]

A reader gives us the latest on our favorite aptly-named WeHo street:

As an eleven year homeowner on Dicks St. in West Hollywood let me give everyone a bit of an update.
My neighbor who moved this on to the agenda, acquired names on a petition from those who rent on the street and not homeowners. So that everyone knows, at that time there was no official process to accept a petition. Therefore, I challenged that part of the beginning of this process.
Agreeing with me, the city council decided to come up with a formal process. Basically, they said if you put up $5000 or more dollars to start a petition with no guarantee you can move a petition along. If my neighbor does that, it would be a waste of money as I have the votes of the homeowners. By the way, you need 75% of the homeowners’ signatures to move that along and he does not have that.
So Dicks is not in the near future going away.
The City Council acted wisely in putting together a policy that says put up or shut up with no guarantees.
Unless you got five grand lying around it's a long shot.

Until then, residents will have to endure the snickers every time they give out their address.
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