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Disney Eyes Urban Hotel Market

You can already visit Mickey Mouse in California, Florida, Japan, France and Hong Kong. Or take a cruise around Mexico with Captain Hook. And if you really, really love Disney's vision of an antiseptic small-town America, you can live in a Disney-planned community, complete with bicycle paths, porch swings, and even $1,000,000 faux-plantation estate homes. But what's missing? Disney has already extended its brand into mobile phones, mp3 players, and desk accessories. But surely, there has to be more. It just feels like maybe Disney isn't trying hard enough to insinuate itself into every single facet of contemporary life.

To correct that oversight, Disney is mulling the idea of stand-alone urban hotels in areas families already vacation, as well as retail, dining and entertainment centers. Think Disneyland without the commute to Orange County. In addition to possibly entering the hotel business in urban centers, Disney is also considering launching smaller theme parks: "that would offer consumers a more interactive experience at higher prices," because one day tickets for close to $100 and $10 corn dogs just aren't price gouge-y enough.