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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: DON'T BUY!!!

Thanks for the good feedabck in the comments and by email. We have answers for all four questions, plus some additional questions to throw into the mix for next week. If you have updates, corrections or comments please email us at

1) North Valley: So we actually went to Roscoe and the 170 North to figure out what's going on. Never again. The development pictured above is located just off the freeway, so of course it's a school. Never mind that growth stunting pollution. Per the on-site sign, it will be the new home of Byrd Middle School. We can't find renderings on-line, unfortunately. Opening this fall.

2) Lincoln Heights: Fuller Lofts are on their way to completion by this fall, say the commenters. Via PlanDan quoting the LivablePlaces Website "On January 12, 2007 Livable Places, Swinerton Builders, and the CCRC Workforce Housing Fund celebrated the topping out of the six-story, 102 unit Fuller Lofts condominiums." However, an emailer also answers: "there is no way the fuller lofts will ever have little people walking around the street. Noticeably missing from the renderings is all the wonderful sewer and river construction materials sitting across the way. Where are these people walking to exactly? Perhaps the Goodwill... Living there would be like waiting for the LA River plan to actually happen."

3) Fairfax District: Eat-a-Pita reportedly had some, umm... health issues. The always cheery pattycake says: "Eat a Pita is fine...they are outside and I'm sure it was a minor can find look at their letter... They probably got roaches and rats from Canters...."

4) Marina del Rey: The general consensus is to hold off on buying as prices will hopefully come down to more reasonable levels. Commenter superb says: "I've lived in the MDR "Loft district" for about 7 years and am moving out this year. There is NO WAY the local infrastructure can support 500+ people moving in." Superb also notes the glut of units in the area. Maybe you should wait a bit.