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CurbedWire: AA, Part Two

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Preservation: Reader PatrickP emails in news that The Fox Theater in Pomona has been sold by the City to a private ownership which includes member of the Tessier Family, described as active proponents of downtown revitalization. The art-deco theater changed hands for an agreeable price of $1.6 million. [DailyBulletin]

Outrage: The brou ha ha we started with our criticism of the Echo Park American Apparel billboard spilled over to the AA site where they posted on our post (and now we post on their post; will the vicious circle ever end??) We love AA and wish they would give us free clothes, but their commenters seem to think we're prudies living in New York. We say "fuh!" You heard us, "fuh!" [American Apparel]

Real Estate for Sale: A reader emails us a Craigslist post which may appeal to those of you with nice satellite radio systems that you don't get to use enough. The 3 bed, 2 bath home is within walking distance of shopping and Wilderness Park, located in the prestigious 93301 zip code. Yes, that's Bakersfield. Via the ad: $279950 Beautiful Bakersfield Home, Commute to LA. It's a buyers market. [Craigslist]