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LA 2106: Not Quite Good Enough

[rendering of LA 2106, Eric Owen Moss Architects]

The History Channel has announced its winner for The City of the Future competition. The vision of Los Angeles 2106 created by Eric Owen Moss Architects has come in third place, out of three teams competing. On the bright side, we got third place. But in reality, we're dead last. The winning team was UrbanLab who's vision of Chicago wowed the judges. Via the Architect's Newspaper:

UrbanLab’s starting point was that in 2106, water quality and scarcity will play a huge role in shaping the future of Chicago and the lives of its residents. Lead by Sarah Dunn and Martin Felsen, the team designed a series of “eco-boulevards” that passively clean and recycle water drawn from nearby Lake Michigan. The boulevards are 300-foot-wide channels filled with different types of vegetation, including wetlands, savannahs, dunes, prairies, and marshes, all running from the far western edge of the city to the shores of the lake every half mile. New York's proposal, if you hadn't figured it out, came in second. Perhaps the Chicago team can use their $10,000 prize winnings to throw themselves a pity party when we kick their asses for the 2016 Olympics. Stupid Chicago.
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