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America's Most Beloved Buildings Not in LA

Reader and frequent commenter Manmademound hooks us up with the list of top 150 most loved buildings in the United States. The Empire State Building tops the list, naturally. LA Metro makes it all the way to #66 before being recognized for the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove. LA proper finally makes the list at #75 with Union Station. And we thought everyone loved Hollywood & Highland. Architectural Record also has a piece on the survey:

America’s favorite building in the U.S. is the Empire State Building, while Frank Lloyd Wright was the nation’s most prolific architect of popular structures—this according to a Harris Interactive poll released today in honor of the American Institute of Architect’s 150th anniversary. To compile its list of the most popular buildings in the U.S., Harris Interactive polled more than 1,800 adults based on a preselected list of 247 buildings compiled by an AIA panel. The AIA commissioned the survey to generate public awareness about architecture. Other Los Angeles buildings getting some recognition include the Central Library, Hollywood Bowl, the Getty, and Disney Hall.