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Subway to Sea Sort of Maybe Kinda Possible Now

The House voted today to lift the ban on tunneling under Wilshire Boulevard. The ban lift came at the instigation of the very same Congressman, Henry Waxman, who called for the ban in 1986 when he feared that dark people would take the subway to the Westside to steal TVs from peoples’ homes tunneling would pose a risk of explosions. This funny thing called “science” has convinced him that the risk is less now. What this means is that federal dollars may be coming L.A.’s way to help finance the Subway to the Sea and make the Mayor very happy. The Senate has yet to vote, but unless Feinstein or Boxer do something crazy like hold a kegger on the Senate floor, the Senate should also vote to lift the ban.
· House Votes to Lift Tunneling Ban for LA Subway Line [NBC4]