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Rumblings & Bumblings: To Buy or Not to Buy

Hey there! The posts and comments have been fast and furious this week. We love your feedback. Just remember, we're also a blog about neighborhoods, so please continue emailing us questions and tips about your hood. This week several emailers ask about their hood, and we're happy to post.

(rendering of Fuller Lofts via Century Housing via Pugh + Scarpa)

1) North Valley: Is this in that mythical place called Sun Valley or Sunland or Tujunga or wherever? "Hi there, do you know what they're building off the 170 N off of Roscoe Blvd?"

2) Lincoln Heights: Loft update needed. "Anyone know of any updates or estimated time of completion for the Fuller Lofts on San Fernando Rd.?"

3) Fairfax District: Mmm... shawarma. "My partner and I went to have a Shawarma plate on Sat and found Eat-A-Pita closed. Everytime I have eaten there usually about 2x a month, I have noted the sign that says they are open 365 days a year. Does anyone know what happened? I thought this might related to Curbed in so much as a number of other established businesses in Fairfax have been kicked out in favor of trendy new hipster oriented businesses."

4) Marina del Rey: We probably need more info on this one from the questioner. Price? View? Amenities? "I really want to buy something and I am considering buying in the new marina lofts district. Do you think this is a smart move? It would be a 2 bedroom."

Email your answers to us at or drop a note in the comments.