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Weho Goes a Little Greenwich Village

An eyewitness braves the 'roid-inducing horrors of yesterday's Weho City Council meeting and reports back to us on the developer lovefest that took place:

Don’t know if any of you made it to the WeHo City Council meeting last night (and who wouldn’t want to sit for 5 hours on a plastic folding chair to hear NIMBY’s and “medical” cannabis users whine at each other?), but there was a big development project that got the nod. The council approved the largest residential development in WeHo’s history—152 units, including 35 affordable units—to be built in the Sherbourne Triangle (now a parking lot between San Vicente and Sherbourne north of Beverly). The most bizarre thing about the public hearing was that it was a virtual love fest! The Developer, all 5 WeHo council members, the West Hollywood West neighborhood association and various and sundry other WeHo stakeholders all came up to speak (ad nauseam) about how fabulous the project will be. Not a NIMBY in sight—it was amazing! I have absolutely nothing to do with the project or anything related, but it does look pretty cool. Called Greenwich Place it’s designed to look more like East Coast row houses/brownstones than the McMansion crud we’ve got everywhere. Oh, and the council also passed a formal policy on renaming streets—so Dicks St. may finally get the chance to become?well?something else?Might I suggest DeButts Place, now that Malibu has tossed the name aside?Everyone knows we're not a fan of Faux-tuscan McMansions, but does Los Angeles really need East Coast collegiate architecture?