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Curbed BuildingSpotter: All the Malls of LA

Good news, everyone. We have another time waster for you. But today there's a little prize to go along with the game. Firstly, we're making this up as we go, so the rules are flexible. Secondly, the game is simple. We show a picture of a building conveniently provided by MSN's You tell us the name of the building or its location. Thirdly, the correct guesser wins!

Today's category: MALLS OF LA
Answer should include: Name of Mall and the Floor Location of the Orange Julius
Winners: First person to post the correct answer in the comments
Prize: A pair of tickets to the DIY Convention, this Saturday Feb 10, where you will get to see such luminaries as Mike of Franklin Avenue and our own Marissa Gluck speak on a panel titled "Beware The Blog." More info after the jump.

UPDATE: We Have a Winner! PSD with a guess of Northridge Fashion Center and the Lower Level Orange Julius. Mr. PSD, please contact Curbed HQ ( and claim your prize. We will do this again soon. Only harder, next time.

The 2007 DIY Convention will be held February 9-11, 2007 at the Egyptian Theatre in the heart of Hollywood.

11:30 a.m. Beware The Blog - a roundup of top bloggers discussing their craft
"Beware The Blog" will focus on the basics of blogging and how the phenomenon is changing the world of media.

Moderator: Bruce Haring, DIY Convention

Howie Klein, Down With Tyranny!
Mike Schneider, Franklin Avenue
Marissa Gluck, co-editor, Curbed
Mark Ebner, Hollywood Interrupted
Ben Fritz, Dateline Hollywood