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Sushi, Pigs, and Scandinavians

Using words like "frenzy" and "shortage" to describe the land grab going on in certain pockets of downtown, LA Downtown News rounds up the newest restaurants and retailers moving in. A fancy sushi restaurant and nightclub is opening in May on the top of 811 Wilshire Building. Duci Italian, a “ upscale eatery” with a gourmet market similar to New York's Dean & Deluca, is opening in the Brockman Building (on the corner of 7th and Grand avenues). And sooie! Pig 'n Whistle pub wants to open on Seventh St. according the newspaper, while West Hollywood restaurant Barney's Beanery is also looking in the area.

If pints are cool, re-filling our prescriptions would be nicer, but Walgreens and CVS are still in the "looking" phase. Bastards. Not afraid of downtown? The Scandinavians. Bo Concept, a Scandinavian furniture store, opens at 617 Building at 617 W. Seventh St. later this year.
· The Retail-Restaurant Explosion [LA Downtown News]