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Downtown Fire Redevelops Block Like CRA on Crack

This morning there was a major structure fire at the corner of Fourth and Broadway, Downtown. The television news coverage was surprisingly subdued, but the bloggers downtown were all over the place, it seems. From blogging LA, Dave Bullock reports the following:

We arrived on scene at about 5:00am and the fire was raging up out of the roof of a two story building on the North East corner of 4th and Broadway. I started shooting photos and didn't stop until about 8:00am. The fire is mostly smoke now, and the 10 ladder trucks, 10 pump trucks and what must have been nearly 100 brave firefighters. At one point all 10 of the ladder trucks were spraying into the blaze, 800 gallons per minute each, that's a veritable tidal wave of water. More details from blogdowntown's Eric Richardson who was also on scene with camera in hand. There have been no deaths or injuries reported.
(picture snap via Dave Bullock)
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