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Subway to the Sea. Now You Know

(horrible map conceived by co-editor Cary in his spare doodle time)

Lookout News columnist Frank Gruber provides some interesting info about the proposed Purple Line connecting the West Side to the rest of the City. Among the new news (new to us):
· The Purple line would have ten new stations (eight existing)
· A trip between the 3rd Street Promenade and the Metro Center Station downtown would take 31 minutes (37 minutes to Union Station)
· The Purple Line will completely avoid West Hollywood, coming no closer than Beverly and Wilshire in Beverly Hills.
· To Gruber's disappointment, the Purple Line will not have four tracks, which would have allowed for express service.

Gruber also conveniently slams Valley NIMBYs for killing light rail, which would have taken us swiftly from one end of the Valley to the other in a 28 minute ride. Instead we get the 41 minute Orange Line which consistently makes us late for work.
· Promenade to LACMA in 14 Minutes? [Lookout News]