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CurbedWire: Local Hate in Hermosa Beach

(Image Credit: HB Historical Society)

Hermosa Beach: The beach kids in HB celebrated the City's centennial with a rousing burst of fireworks and Local Hate, reports the Easy Reader. A punk concert at the local Kiwanis club apparently had a good turn out, but fights broke out during the Local Hate set. Luckily, members of STD were there to quell the throngs and the cops showed up too. But everyone settled. Following STD's set, punk band Slave Traitors rocked the lights out. Actually, the club cut off the power at 9:45 PM and everyone went home. Yay, Hermosa Beach! [Easy Reader]

San Bernardino: LNR is in the planning stages for a big redo on the Carousel Mall. The redo involves a lot of tearing down and building up. Plans for a mixed use project, with 750 residential units and 120,000 s.f. of commercial space is in the works. The Carousel Mall has come full circle, so to speak. It was envisioned as the savior of a dying downtown San Bernardino, but over a 35 year lifespan, it became a relic, especially when Ontario Mills arrived in 1996. Now the development is once again eyed as a savior for San Bernardino's downtown. [Orange Empire of Southern California]