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Curbed LA PriceSpotter Big Reveal

Friday we asked you to guess on the asking price for this 6BR, 5.5BA, um, tudor-ish gaudy in the Pacific Palisades. Here's the answer.

Asking Price: $5,500,000
Listing: 1117 Corsica Drive [Fiora Aston]

This may have been a bad choice for PriceSpotter because the jokesters had a good time with this one. Our guess would have been a google too, but that was a bit high. Congrats to dave for his closest guess. Anyway, we'll be better next time with something a bit closer to reality. Well, L.A. reality, that is.

Thanks for playing. See you next time.

· Curbed LA PriceSpotter: Palisades "Glamor" [Curbed LA]