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Lions! And Tigers! and Burbank! Oh My!

Those animal-loving hippies up in Burbank have proved their might once again. First, they stomp all over Whole Foods, to ensure their horses shall always canter through their neighborhood without fear of that H3 hurtling towards Whole Foods for cage-free, cruelty-free organic eggs. Now, by tugging on the pants leg of papa and whining for that pretty pony, the city of LA has relented and bought them that pretty pony: 80 acres of park land in the Verdugo Mountains. The people of Burbank can rest assured their trail will not be taken away.

The land was previously owned by a private developer who had already gotten the smackdown by the LA City Council when he applied for variances to develop the parcel. Rather than repeat the process, he gave into those nature-loving Nazis in Burbank who only care about preserving wildlife (the land "provides a dense haven of brush and chaparral plants for everything from lizards to snakes to bobcats and mountain lions") and equestrian rights.
·Los Angeles adds land to local park [Burbank Leader]