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Not Without My Relocation Fee

Good news to poor people being threatened with eviction to make way for new luxury condos. You're the lucky recipient of a $17,080 relocation fee. Don't go spending that all in one place now. You'll need it to relocate yourself to some other skeezy apartment building. Yesterday, we attended a hearing at City Hall where the proposed relocation fees, new restrictions on demolitions and condo conversions were being discussed. A very frustrated Herb Wesson (CD 10) demanded that Housing staff do something, at one point reminding them that he was elected and they were selected, so they better do what he says. That was cool. Via the Times:

In a sign of his frustration over trying to get something on the books, Councilman Herb Wesson implored his colleagues to act more quickly. "This is a quantum leap over where we were nine months ago, when this [issue] was dumped in my lap," said Wesson, chairman of the housing committee. (please note the word Wesson used, was "CRAP". The LA Times replaced it with "[issue]" - ed.)

The current fees are $3,450 for most tenants and $8,550 for so-called qualified tenants, those older than 62 or disabled.

The new proposed fees would be:

• For tenants who have lived in their apartments less than five years: $6,810 ($14,850 if they are qualified tenants).

• For tenants who have lived in their apartments more than five years: $9,040 ($17,080 if qualified).

• For tenants whose income is less than 80% of the area median income as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: $9,040 ($17,080 if they are qualified).

The Council is also considering an ordinance to deny demolition permits if vacancy rates in a district are less than 5 percent, which as we have noted before, would effectively shut down construction of new residential projects in the City. The new Ordinances and fees will be voted on by the full council in late March.
· Panels OK rise in fees to help renters relocate [LA Times]