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CurbedWire: "If I buy it, I own it"

[image via legomania]

Socialism: We learned many lessons from our LEGOs as a small child. How to build. How to destroy. How to put them up our nose and cry when they wouldn't come out. Today's kids are learning how to create non-ownership, socialist societies based on the greater good. Can you really teach youngsters how to construct a LEGOtown based on social-equality? Teachers in Seattle are trying. [TCS Daily via Hit and Run]

Transportation: MetroRiderLA has a first hand account of his attendance at the open house for the Metro Expo Line - Phase II. Good stuff. As always, we learn that a pocket of NIMBYs consisting of elderly folks in Cheviot Hills are trying to route the line, at a far greater cost to all of us, away from their neighborhood. If the trains come by their homes, it's feared it will disturb their fragile, insulated state of denial that they live in one of the world's largest metropolises.

Olympics: LA Observed interviews Barry Sanders about LA 2016. Despite given several opportunities, he fails to say anything negative about our competition in Chicago. The LA Times also takes a look at our poor attempt to dress up the Coliseum with some tear away vinyl fabric that looks like the supergraphic stuff currently blowing off the Sunset Tower. While the non-permanent structures will be cheap, it really doesn't give us anything to get excited about.