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Real Estate Buffet on the High Seas

Following our friend Meghan Daum's recent piece on Americans snapping up homes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, today there's a newspaper editorial? ad? for a Royal Caribbean cruise just for real estate buyers.

Leave your wallets, purses and pens behind, this is not a buying tour. This is a no-pressure educational seminar to teach how to shop for Baja real estate. On the way, we'll see where Donald Trump is building the tallest buildings in Baja, the "Russell Crowe perch" (Crowe lived in a luxury condo next to the Fox Studios Baja while filming "Master and Commander") and the place where the likes of Carlos Santana once called home. First off, there's going to be a lot of purses left on the dock. Secondly, we are applying for a press pass pronto! See you in the congo line!
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