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Rumblings & Bumblings: It's All Hollywood

Nice weather, heh? We're bursting at the seams with questions this week and will have to carry over many q's until next week, including the random swarm of questions about the development at Universal. Have no fear. We'll get to it. But for this week, we stay close to our home in Hollywood. Email us at and we'll post your answer on Thursday.

[image via flickr user enidlala from Curbed Flickr Pool]

1) Hollywood Hills: We received a list of complaints/comments from a reader, but since we can't post them all we'll post one complain-y sounding question. "I live up in the Hollywood Hills on Hollywood Blvd off of Kings Rd and would like someone to please explain the phenomenon of people dumping their Christmas trees on the side of the road. There are these dead trees on the side of the road, next to trash cans by the way, but are never taken away. Are these trash people so lazy they won't take the tree cause it's not in a green can and what type of trash throws there tree on the side of the road anyways?"

2) Los Angeles: Buttering us up with platitudes always works. "hello. i know this is a totally random e-mail but i love the curbed la website. i am on it every day. i find it quite helpful as i am interested in buying a condo this year. any direction u can point me as to some cool new developments up to $600,000? love the south park project, the mercury etc."

3) Hollywood: Seriously? Ok, well maybe someone knows. "Ok, now really. Someone HAS to know something (ANYTHING!) about what's going on at Fountain and Western. Earth movin is a-happenin, and now we have plumbing. Stacks and stacks of pipes next to rows and rows of trucks. Lots of activity, but no answers."

4) West Hollywood: More on MovieTown. "What is going on with Casden's MovieTown Plaza site? I believe it went to the City Council and other City commissions for a preliminary review, but hasn't been back since well before the new year. Are they waiting for the new Mixed Use Overlay Zone to pass, for the Council election, or are they still moving forward now? What is their development program (how many apartments, how much retail, will TJs be staying or going) and are there any renderings or site plans? Are they going to try to acquire the rear two parcels (studio buildings) that they don't own currently or simply develop the existing strip mall?"

5) Hollywood: "There is a building I am wondering about. Just south of Selma, on the east side of Cahuenga is what looks like a beautiful, old, small theater. The building is restored, and painted above the windows is "what fools these mortals be". The lights seem to be on nights, but there is no hint as to what goes on there. Do you have any idea?"