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Marina del Rey May Get Poor Old People Too

Granny sure does love her ocean-view condo in Marina del Rey. She has lots of other old friends in her condo building, and she just adores her housekeeper, Maria. But Granny does not want Maria living anywhere near her. If affordable housing activists have their way, however, Maria may be living much closer to Granny. Right now, basically no affordable housing exists in the Marina.

The issue comes as the marina is undergoing a building boom, with developers replacing 2,000 aging units and adding 1,251 new units. Of the marina's 5,323 existing apartment units, 28 are now designated for affordable housing.Since the County owns Marina del Rey and leases the land to developers, housing activists have targeted as a place to build affordable housing. They argue that, since this is public land, some of it should go toward affordable housing. And Granny may see a lot more of Maria.
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