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Echo Park Lake - More Fun. Less Bacteria.

[picture via flickr user photoFlounder]

Echo Park Lake is finally getting a much needed scrubbing designed to make the lake less polluted and therefore more appealing to Angelenos. The City Council is putting $23 million toward the cleanup of Echo Park lake and Lake Machado (the home of the Harbor City's monster, Reggie). The cleanup will involve the draining of Echo Park lake in order to create a new wetlands area and some man-made rock formations. We're also hoping they throw in a few dollars to upgrade the paddle boats which havent' been cleaned since the early 70s. Maybe put in some water cannons, and how bout a submarine like the one at Disneyland. Parks are boring. BORING.
· L.A. Council allocates cleanup funds for Echo and Machado lakes [LA Times via LottaLiving]