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Hollywood Chamber Spills the Fresh & Easy

[image via CIM Group]

KUDOS and double kudos to the reader who sent us this juicy bit over the weekend. From the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, or some such nonsense, we have our first locale for Tesco's Fresh & Easy in Hollywood. You heard us, Hollywood. There's some other stuff in there too, but the important part is at the bottom.

The Chamber's Economic Development Committee reviewed two proposed developments this week, including a boutique hotel and a mixed-use project. The Glass House is a 50-room boutique hotel planned at the southwest corner of Seward and Sunset Blvd. It will wrap around a historic building on the corner and would include a restaurant, rooftop pool and a spa. Developers hope to be through the entitlement process by this fall and to break ground shortly thereafter. Newport Capital is proposing an 11-story, 87-unit residential development at the northeast corner of Argyle and Yucca, replacing a five-story office building. The apartment units would range from 1,000 to 1,300-sq.ft. Developers plan to submit the project for approvals to the City in about a month. Jeff Kreshek of CIM Group also announced that the British firm, Tesco, had agreed to locate their U.S. flagship neighborhood grocery store on the ground floor of the former Galaxy complex. Construction on the 14,000-sq.ft. store will begin immediately.

Wow, we don't know what a U.S. flagship store constitutes but it sounds pretty hoity-toity.