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Expansion Actually Happening at LAX, Sort Of

The Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX was built in the 80s, still feels like one will see legwarmers and hear Duran Duran. LAX just sat on its laurels as the “gateway to the Pacific.” Twenty-five plus years later, the terminal is still a dump, and San Francisco is luring away airlines. So LAX is undergoing a big renovation, the biggest single construction project ever for the city. The Tom Bradley Terminal will expand one gate to accommodate the mega Airbus 380, and the inside will get a new look:

"It'll add an additional 45,000 square feet of space, executive lounges on the fourth and fifth floors, new elevators and escalators, new paging system and moving walkways, security systems and closed circuit TVs," Villaraigosa said.The project will cost $575 million and will not be done until 2010, long after LAX becomes an even bigger clusterf**k but before NIMBYs go nuts again.
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