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Ain's "Affordable" Housing Now Listed at $1.3M

Consider this your archi-porn for today: one of the larger homes in the Gregory Ain-designed Mar Vista Tract is now on the market. These babies don't come on the market much, so if you feel the weight of an extra $1.3 million or so jangling in your pocket, better hurry up. Of course, Ain is the perfect embodiment of the irony (tragedy?) of modernist architecture: he sought to bring modernism to the masses, but is now only within the reach of the rich.

Now the broker claims buying this house not only buys you a sweet 4 bedroom, 2 bath, concrete floors, sliding glass doors pedigreed home, it also buys you "a rare opportunity to participate in the ongoing social experiment inspired by Ain and Eckbo’s lofty vision." Oh goody! Who needs a mere house when you can live in your very own petri dish? However, this one's a beauty. One of the few homes in the 52-house development with a pool, and those Garrett Eckbo-designed landscapes. Sigh. If you're not watching the Oscars come Sunday, there's an open house for gawkers interested buyers. More (beautiful) pix after the jump.
· 3501 Moore Street, Los Angeles, CA 90066 [TVOA]