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Eater Tastings: BataliWatch Begins Anew!

Gong Hai Fat Choi! Happy Mardi Gras! Happy Purim (almost)! So many holidays, so many excuses to ingest and imbibe. Did you know we have an obligation to get drunk on Purim? It says so right in the Bible! Seriously! Let's check in with Eater LA, who likes to command us to get drunk also. Image by flickr user Tammyloh.

1) Woo hoo! BataliWatch is back ON with Osteria Mozza slated for an April opening. Let's the speculation begin!

2) Suzanne Goin's march towards total world domination continues. A bigger Hungry Cat in Hollywood, a second Hungry Cat in Santa Barbara, and twins. Does this woman ever rest?

3) Bar Marmont is back, as are the butterflies. Just don't expect the little plastic monkeys with your cocktail anymore. Renovation seems to result in...a bar that looks exactly the same as it did when it shut down last year. What is new: Chef Carolynn Spence from the Spotted Pig.

4) This weekend downtown: you could celebrate the Year of the Pig at the Golden Dragon parade. Or you could do something less porky, more lactose-y. You could also go to the 4th 2nd Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. And that's totally not a typo. That's the official name.

5) Normally we love 80s nostalgia. The music! The hair! The neon! The supply-side economics! Its just so cute! Everything that is, but frozen yogurt. Seriously, get OVER IT PEOPLE. It's just frozen yogurt. More Pinkberrys. More faux-Pinkberrys. Make it stop. Please.