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Coliseum to Get Makeover. Chicago Stunned into Silence

[renderings via Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games]

In its latest effort to woo the Olympics back to LA, the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games (SCCOG) today released new renderings of its planned revamp of the Coliseum. The changes are temporary to keep the preservationist community happy, but the fixes will add 204 luxury suites and some much needed shading from Los Angeles' warm, loving sun that always showers down on Californians. How does Chicago respond? Via Crain's:

A call to the Chicago committee seeking comment on the Coliseum plans was not immediately returned. At a fund-raising event Thursday before Los Angeles’s announcement, Chicago 2016 Olympic bid committee Chairman Patrick Ryan said Chicago’s $366-million stadium planned in Washington Park would be “the most creative ever done.

All of this maneuvering is done in advance of an April 14th deadline, when either Los Angeles or Chicago will be selected to be the US candidate to host the 2016 Olympics. The USOC will visit LA next week to see if we're worthy. Everybody on their best behavior!
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