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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: We Have Elevations

Excellent work everyone. We have questions and we have answers, brought together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Everyone goes away happy. For next week, let's get some new questions. You can email us at and we'll post on Tuesday.

1) Miracle Mile: Gallery Lofts stalled? Dead? Playing dead, only to come at you when you least expect it? Hmmm. Via the comments: "They used to have a banner outside that building at 6006 Wilshire announcing the Lennar Wilshire project, but they took it down months ago and the post-demolition work has abruptly stopped. I wonder if Lennar is up against a building permit issue, or did they just pull the plug when real estate prices topped out last summer?"

2) Hollywood: We haven't been to The Griddle in awhile so any news on the 7950 West Sunset project is welcome. From WeHo Pro: "Per the DGA/Legacy site: It is apartments with asking rents to be about $3.44 psf. At least one of the retail spaces is a new concept restaurant. The property is on a long term ground lease with the DGA." And Bubblewatcher sticks his ear in the rumor mill and comes out with this: "Scuttlebutt among the block's residents says this one's a "stealth hotel", but this remains to be seen..."

3) Glassell Park: Several of you find ways to provide us with renderings, which we carefully cut and paste above. Oneb in the comments gives the following descriptive paragraph: "The Glassell Park project is a 114 unit condo building with ground floor retail comprised of essentially 3 buildings (the site plan had to accommodate the old Flether and Verdugo ROW's, wierd huh?). Of the 114 units, 2 will be for moderate income households. Wahoo. 2. The elevations are pretty typical mixed-use condo building fare. Lot's of articulation, probably a couple different stucco shades, lot's of transparency at the street level... it's not bad."

4) Palms: The consensus among commenters is that Palms is not alone in getting itself all tagged up. In fact many of our neighborhoods are regularly spray painted. In regards to that project off Manning, Pete McFerrin says: "It looks like it's within a few months of opening; the parking pedestal needs to be finished and I'm sure the interiors aren't done, but the exterior is complete. We'll see if it stays a tagging magnet after it opens, the way it's been during construction."

5) West Hollywood: Some of you are talking about Movie Town and Casden and Walgreens and other things which make our heads hurt. As far as we can tell, carter in the comments sums it up best: "Walgreen's has owned the SW corner of Santa Monica & Crescent Hts. for around 5 years and just wanted to build a drug store with underground parking. The tenants still had leases in place, of varying durations, yet Walgreen's knew it would take several years to acquire all permits. What they did not realize was the city would want them to develop more density on the site and thus the residential component atop the drug store. Now the nimbys want to stop the project because of too much density?! Only in Weho!"