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Rumblings & Bumblings: It's Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras everyone! Hope you're partaking in a lunchtime round of hurricanes and jambalaya like us. We've got questions per usual, that we hope you will answer. See below and leave your answers in the comments or emails us. Throw us something, mister!

[rendering of 7950 Sunset via the project site]

1) Miracle Mile: More lofts with details few and far between. "anyone have info on the Gallery Lofts going in on the miracle mile? the website just has an interest list and no details."

2) Hollywood: Anything interesting anybody can add about this project? "Does anyone know anything about the complex at 7950 West Sunset? There isn't much on the site, but looks like it could be interesting....any ideas when it will be done? Thanks!"

3) Glassell Park: Somebody in CD13 CD14 must have seen renderings, right? Right? "I'm slightly afraid to ask if anyone has seen any renderings of the new mixed use building that broke ground a few weeks ago in Glassell Park. One can find reference to it on Garcetti's blog, not to mention a certain buzz in an area accustomed to seeing only R-1 development. Any info you have is a much appreciated."

4) Palms: We saw these questions in the comments from several weeks ago, but they were never answered. "How did Palms become the graffiti capital of L.A.? I mean I know it's not the best part of West L.A., but it's certainly not bad enough to warrant all the attention that the taggers give it.

Also per Palms, does anybody know what's up with the building near the 10E on-ramp off Manning that's been under construction for about the last 5 years?"

5) West Hollywood: Oh good, another NIMBY fight a brewin'. "Know anything about the development on Santa Monica and Crescent Heights (South/West corner)? I saw a sign at the local coffee shop urging a community meeting this Friday to discuss a Walgreen's with 28 units of apartments overhead. The tone of the sign sounded like project-blockers."

Email your answers to us at or drop a note in the comments.